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Nov 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
city, iconic here in dallas, great tacos here, you can buy gas obviously by the name but the big ticket has been the big ticket for the powerball. right now tickets selling at about $130,000 tickets per minute nationwide. over 1 billion have been sold. the states get $1 out of every two tickets sold and most use for programs for education the federal government will tax the winnings at about a quarter. so they'll make a lot of money out of this. unfortunately in the interest of full disclosure, larry, i think think the winning tickets have about been bought here in dallas. right now i hate to tell you, i think i've got them. >> fess up, jay, how many did you buy? full disclosure? transparency. >> only five. but i may be here a little longer. >> if you win, you're not going to retire, are you? >> i'd never retire. a lot of people say this already, i'd probably be pretty tough to work with if i do win. >> now, let's break down the numbers on this powerball jackpot. they're still selling tickets at blistering rate, 130,000 per minute. let's assume the final prize tonight will be ds
Nov 26, 2012 7:00pm EST
%, the highest in the nation, and the president of the l.a. city council is going back to the voters and asking for another increase in sales tax. it's never enough. the left never gets enough taxes. we spend more on k-12 than any other country and ask any teacher, educrat if they want more money and they will say less. it's never enough for the left. >> well, you know, larry, i don't know which larry i'm talking about, the fiscal deliver, the whole discussion about the fiscal cliff to me is a farce and the reason why is because it's based on this notion that somehow too much deficit reduction is a bad thing. you can't have it both ways. you can't say you want to reduce the deficit and that's a priority and on the other hand we have a fiscal cliff that would reduce the deficit and you're opposed to that because you -- you don't want to increase taxes. >> i want to reduce the deficit. you're absolutely wrong. i want to reduce the deficit j why are you afraid the fiscal cliff? >> because larry elder i believe that cutting spending will help grow the economy. i also believe a flat tax w
Nov 21, 2012 7:00pm EST
trying for a year to unsettle it. the company is unwilling. we went to city hall, the bargaining table. we took this dramatic action today because workers are very concerned about their loved ones that are trying to get healthcare coverage. >> they keep saying they want out of your union and they can get health benefits on their own or, by the way, i suppose go into obama care. which i know you support. >> across the country, workers need a raise -- >> they don't want your help. ms. henry, you know what you are doing to middle class people? just making their thanksgiving rotten. >> larry, you are repeating an inaccurate statement from the employer. over 50% of these workers support their union. they want good jobs with wages that they can feed their families on. we want to restore middle class jobs at lax. >> then why don't you do it in an orderly way? >> we've been trying for over a year to do that. >> instead of disrupting a big airport like lax on thanksgiving. there are ways to -- >> we tried -- >> even though they disagree with you, they say they don't want your support. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3